Original Seymour Duncan JBJ - SH-4 - JB Model - mid 80's - Juarez
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Original Seymour Duncan JBJ - SH-4 - JB Model - mid 80's - Juarez (€190.00)

Located in Saint Manvieu Norrey, Basse-Normandie (14***)

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Here is a real 80s JB (SH-4) humbucker, wound by Marcelina Juarez, manager of Seymour Duncan’s Custom Shop. This pickup is a legend all by itself. There are few pickup that have reached this level of notoriousness, like Gibson’s P.A.F which is slightly ahead of it. This pickup is totally vintage, with the exception of the cable extension which was made, on the existing cable. This addition was made so as not to affect the integrity of the pickup. The scotches are therefore vintage, hard as a rock, like the rest of the microphone. It is an old model but from the 1985/90 era when the Seymour Duncan logo has already appeared on the baseplate, on the back of the pickup. We find the small sticker “JBJ” added by the winder, Marcelina Juarez.
In terms of sound, this guitar pickup is very different from the current JB model, with much more bass and midrange which produces a very thick and fat sound. The output level is important, like the current model. The magnet is of course an Alnico 5.

Some of the most famous guitarists who have used a JBJ include, Dave Mustain (Megadeath), Joe Satriani, Jerry Cantrell (Alice In Chain), Steven Stevens, Andy Timmons, Jake E. Lee…

  • One Seymour Duncan JBJ (SH-4) Humbucker wound by Marcelina Juarez
  • Original Pickup
  • Alnico 5 magnet
  • Pole piece spacing (E to E) 49,2 mm (Gibson Vintage)
  • DCR : ~16.59 kohms
  • Nickel/Silver baseplate, long legs
  • 2 new mounting screws and springs
  • 35cm External cable extension
  • Total Cable length 45 cm

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